The Tsunami That Reshaped America


In 2015, a deep-seated, chilling hatred for the first black president of the United States grows. America First, a Christian militia, thinks it has found a way to eliminate the president and reduce government control: on July 4, they will create a mega tsunami that will devastate the eastern seaboard—including Washington, DC. If all goes well, America will be free again.

The one thing America First lacks is the expertise to carry out their plan. Dr. Mark Malloy, the geologist they have kidnapped to obtain his skills, is not yet cooperating. As Mark’s wife works with a renegade FBI agent to find her husband, their efforts are repeatedly thwarted. Now they are left wondering if they can find him in time to prevent America from being reshaped forever.

In this international thriller, a domestic terror attack looms, and time begins to run out for a geologist, the president, the country, and the only two people with the ability to save them all.

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